Empty Streets : Surreal Photos of Budapest
By Pixela 17-07-2020

Empty Streets : Surreal Photos of Budapest

As a street fashion enthusiast, Horváth has often focused on people in his photos. While he does still photograph people at a distance, his focus has shifted to capturing the urban environment, its buildings, streets, and stairs.

He’s visited famous landmarks and spent a lot of time in the Budapest Metro, experiencing the strange emptiness of places usually packed with people. The majority of his shots have a dark, moody atmosphere, particularly in the Metro, but some of them have a bright beauty, as if the buildings now have room to breathe with no tourists crowding them.

He’s been able to find a silver lining to this time of hardship, though. Because he now has more “free time,” he’s been able to edit all his personal projects and videos he’s been wanting to finish. He’s also been doing more photo and video challenges and growing his Youtube channel with photo ideas and tutorials. “Now I have time to be creative,” he says.

He’s also taken advantage of the empty streets in Budapest to get surreal urban shots. With no tourists and a lot of telecommuting, there’s hardly any traffic and few pedestrians. Budapest has become almost unrecognizable from the bustling city it usually is.