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Pixela for business: photography diary, calendar & schedule offers


Pixela for business is ment for studio owners and freelancers may be photographer, videographer, helicam operator, designers and editors to get connected and make booking. Here a freelancer can maintain a calendar and adjust his exposing rate depending on season. You can showcase your projects and attract more bookings

There is a portal for you to sell your used products, and buy used products related to photography industry. Through the shop zone, you can buy new and used cameras and accessories at maximum possible discounts from camera shops across country. We have also developed a module where you can make album prints at least possible price. Search freelance photographer anywhere in the world. Get a list of photographers nearby, know the cameras used, see photographers gallery, know photographers availability, rate of exposing and you can contact directly or through the chatting function in the app. Shop zone - make it easy to buy or sell used or new camera and equipments. You can post your items for sale.







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