45 Amazing Pictures of Lightning
By Pixela 10-07-2020

45 Amazing Pictures of Lightning

Lightning can be a thrilling subject to shoot. Like all extreme weather, lightning storms have immense power that’s intimidating but also beautiful to capture in a photo.

Because lightning is so unpredictable, shooting it can feel like an adventure. But this unpredictability is also why you should be extra careful when photographing lightning. If you’re unsure how to stay safe, check out these tips for shooting in extreme weather, particularly the section about lightning.

As for camera settings and equipment, you can find a lot of great tutorials for shooting lightning online. This guide to shooting lightning from Jason Weingart Photography is especially good. It covers all the technical details you need to know to get sharp images of lightning.

Once you’ve read through and practiced those basics, you’ll hit another challenge: how should you compose your image? Where should you stand, and how much of the storm should you include in your frame?

While there’s no single composition that will work for every lightning storm, here are a few ideas you could try out depending on the situation you’re facing.

Ideas for Awesome Lightning Pictures
Shoot the lightning storm at a distance.
Shooting lightning at a distance is always a good idea for safety reasons, but staying safe isn’t the only reason to keep your distance from the storm. It’s also a good strategy for getting interesting compositions.

With the storm far away, you’ll be able to move around more freely and take your time finding a great composition. You’ll also be more likely to capture the lightning bolts, as more of the storm will be in your frame.